The Greeley Poetry Club was founded in 1949 by Mary Edith Matheson, who came to Greeley in 1918. The Greeley Poetry Club, now in its 59th year, continues the traditions of a Christmas Party, a Spring Luncheon with a guest speaker, and a June picnic. The Greeley Poetry Club meets the first Saturday of each month, except for July and August. This is a brief history written by member LaRaine Starkey on bookmarks distributed throughout the community in 2005 and 2006.

We believe it was Ruth Zachary who first suggested we publish a chapbook of the Greeley Poetry Club's early 21st century poets. Thanks to the endowment we received from Mary Jo Dempsey, this has now become a reality, and these many months later the book tumbles out of the Colorado prairie.

Like the variety of the grasses which thrive in mild and sunny days and also bear the harsh and stormy weather of the high plains of eastern Colorado, these poems grew out of hearts filled with joy and hearts which also bear hard times.

We hope any who may pick up this small but mighty book will enjoy the variety life has stamped on our lives as they tumbled with the wind that helped form our poetry.

The Committee
Penny Letterly, Judith Meyer, Mary Lauck


Special Thanks to

Judith Meyer
Cover Art

Trudy Rider
for Mary Jo Dempsey's Tribute Poem

Fritz Meyer & Sherry Bennett/Meyer
Prairie grasses Artists

Prairie grasses included:
Austrina Southern Sedge
Big Bluestem
Blue Bunch Wheatgrass


Indian Grass
Indian Ricegrass
June Grass
Long Stem Spike Rush
Prairie Sandreed
Purple Prairie Clover
Sage Wort
Sand dropseed
Scouring rush
Small Cattail
Toad Flax
Tufted Hairgrass
Western Wheatgrass
Wild Blue Flax

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