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is a good, wide awake, persistent, tire-less,

~Frank B. Shultz`


FME NEWSLETTER # 8........................................Back to Home Page..........................................December, 2014

Spirit and her antics.

December already, and the strange weather keeps coming and going, changing its face most every day. But this is Colorado after all, and while it was 38 yesterday,  it is going to be 60's today. The rains and floods have been nonstop this year with only an occasional warm sunny day. (I'll take it!) Spirit girl turned 27 this year, but is doing great.


~~ Gizmo ~~
This little guy turned 14 this May. And, coming much more alive now that he has Spazz to play with. But boy does he nap these days, actually, so do I


~ Spazz ~
This little girl is really something! She is still the speed-ster. She was supposed to have been 2ish by Vet Guess, but is getting a white nose and chin. Just makes me wonder. She still cannot stand a cat on her porch. Guess that isn't going to change.

New!! - Now accepting credit card payments for art work though PayPal!


Join me this  morning with a hot cup of coffee?      !Yum!



Tips & Tricks
With Watercolor

The background on this page is an example of watercolor paper with an even wash of color. You notice that it has a pebbly texture. That is caused by two things.
  • One, I used a 140 lb D'Arches handmade cold press, rough watercolor paper.
  • Two, the paper comes with a sizing on the surface.
    When you paint with the sizing still on the paper you get the result you see. When you remove the sizing, you get a smoother egg shell type of surface from the same wash, as shown in the insert...Watercolor wash without sizing I usually use the paper with the sizing because my subject is wildlife and historical Americana, and the rougher, dryer look is what I desire.
To remove the sizing from a sheet of watercolor paper, the easiest thing to do is to securely tape the paper down to a large board. Apply a clear water wash over the whole surface. To go one step farther, submerge the whole board in a tub so you will get the full benefit of eliminating the sizing, and any shrinkage the paper will have. Let the paper dry thoroughly while still taped down to the board.

Since I prefer to paint on the sizing, when I need a smoother look, all I have to do is apply a clear water wash to just the area involved. Note, don't scrub the wash area with your brush to lift the sizing. It will only scar the surface of your paper, leaving a surface that will take a wash unevenly.

I hope this has been helpful. Please e-mail me with any questions you might have, and I'll either e-mail back your answer, or will put it here in the newsletter. Happy Painting!

Happy Holidays to all !

Judith Angell Meyer

Show Schedule 2014
Try not to miss.

Society of Animal Artists shows

The Society of Animal Artists show was held at

In Parker (Denver). Colorado

Through October 31, 2014

Well the show is over now. The piece I had in the show, "Alert" was lost in transit back to me. A month later after, as The Wildlife Experience started a claim, FedEx found the painting in Utah. It had lost its labels and I guess my little owl got bored with waiting around and took of for a fly around!  So glad to have it back!

6"w x 7"h - Graphite painting

Be sure to visit this wonderful Wildlife Experience when you are in Colorado, or visit their website at:
The Wildlife Experience.

Also now on sale are three of the  Adoption Series books, "Without a Home" There is one each for dogs, cats, and small animals.

They can be purchased at

Elaine Marlier is the Author, and I have illustrated her stories. This illustration is Grayson & Lilly! Read all about them and the other stories of Cats and Small Animals.