Recipe for Cinnamon Crispies Oth
Recipe for Cinnamon Crispies
Otherwise known as Kansas Cow Flops!

These are easy and fast, and are gone before you get the last two out of the oven for yourself!! By the way, they got their name when we were running the family bakery on Staten Island, NY. We took a vacation out west, and came back with fun ideas for new names to gross out the New Yorkers. Worked too. This item stayed a favorite even when we opened up our bakery in Greeley, Colorado. I make these from a make-shift recipe I invented because I don't have the room or the ambition to make the real thing. They are Mmmmm good.

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All I do is open a roll or tube of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with icing. There are 8 sweet rolls in each tube. Icing comes with this, but I do not use the icing. I save the packets, and use them for other things. I do not use the "Grands" size. Recipe makes eight, (8) crispies.
Pre-heat your oven to 350. Get your cookie sheet ready, and sprayed lightly with Pam, or your favorite non-stick cooking spray.

Sprinkle sugar on the counter, and then push one roll down into the sugar. I push the bottom in first.
Push the "brown icing" side into the sugar next. I do it in this order because your rolling pin doesn't get so loaded with the icing pieces once it is saturated with the sugar. Then start rolling them out with your rolling pin one by one.
Get a good start rolling both sides alternately, adding sugar to the counter, or the dough surface as needed.
Then sprinkle with cinnamon, roll, turn over, more sugar, roll, turn over, more cinnamon, roll ... well, you get the idea. Until you have saturated both sides with sugar and cinnamon.
Keep turning the dough over and over rolling it out until you have a very thin piece of sugar and cinnamon dough that is about 9" by 7.5" in size.

As you can see, from the fold at the bottom, this is very thin. At the most, I can only fit three at a time on a cookie sheet.
The cookie sheet was placed on a shelf in the center of the oven.
This photo is a peek into the oven at 4 minutes to check progress. As you can sort of see, the sugar is melting and beginning to glaze. You are now at the critical, "stay right there and don't take your eyes off the crispy stage." They go fast from crisp to burn once the sugar starts crystalizing. In 2 more minutes they will be done.
Out of the oven. Note that there are only two crispies on the cookie sheet. The second one I made was much larger than the first, so there was only room for two. But also notice, that after the 6 minutes of baking, the larger, or thinner one is browner. (It's not all shadow from the coffee pot.) Would have been too brown in a second. Here you have to decide, after a couple of batches probably, just how crisp you want them to be, and alter your size/thin-ness and oven time accordingly.
Do not let them cool on the cookie sheet. They crisp up fast as they cool, and get less and less easy to get off the sheet. I use a spatula after a minute or two out of the oven.
Final results and ready to eat. This treat will take care of your sugar fix for quite a while. Note, there are only two on this large serving platter!

This is easy and quick enough to make for when the grand kids come visiting.

From the Fort Meyer Kitchen - Eat hearty and with good company.